• We have centerpieces and tabletop items for up to 25 guest tables. 

  • Consider Creative Table Tops as your on-site day coordinators for the meal portion of your event.

    We own décor and serving items for forty+ themes:

  • Guest tables
  • Buffet tables
  • Dessert tables or candy stations
  • Beverage tables

  • We also have décor to carry the theme to the check-in, guest book, gift and place card tables.

  • We can refer you to a caterer, chef, or restaurant that specializes in the type of cuisine that fits the theme or occasion.  We can help plan the menu.

  • We can help arrange tastings for a chef, caterer, restaurant or bakery we recommend.  We can be the liaison because we know the specific details clients and caterers need to convey to ensure messages are clear.  We can pick up and deliver food or meet caterers as they arrive with the food.  We’ve done this countless times and have it down to a science.

  • We can bring the décor and serving items, set-up and break down or you can rent economical items that can be picked up to save money.

  • We bring items to your venue and set-up to save your time and energy for your guests. Let us elevate your event and create a memorable experience.

  • We have relationship with six rental companies in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  This allows us to supplement items we may need in larger volume.  We can tell you which ones have the specific colors and styles.  We have linen swatches and pictures to help making planning easy.

Our Services

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