Most creative entrepreneurs think they can do it all. Many of us can. However, doing it all divides our attention in so many ways we can burn ourselves out. It’s okay to let someone help you bring the vision to life. You can partner with us to rent décor and serving items to supplement your inventory.

  • Consider us as an on-site resource to help execute day of event tasks. 

  • $35 - $50 per hour is the rate for a lead team member with extensive experience and can handle any unforeseeable occurrence.  They can oversee details at the reception venue while you remain at the wedding.

  • $20.00 - $25.00 per hour is the rate for seasoned team members who know how to set the table properly and require minimal instruction.

  • $15.00 - $18.00 per hour is the rate for people who help unload the vehicle, set-up tables and do more manual tasks with detailed instruction.

  • Our on-site team members are gracious, humble and willing to follow your direction.  We do our best to discretely integrate ourselves with your team and ensure everyone knows you are the point of contact.

  • We arrive five to ten minutes earlier than specified time and remain on-site until you say everything is done to your satisfaction.

  • You can rent and pick up economical items.  A deposit is required and will be deducted from the balance if items are returned in the same condition.

  • Our team may deliver fragile premium items to the venue and pick them up to minimize loss, breakage or damage.  A deposit may be required.

  • We typically remain on-site if the planner is using very fragile boutique items.  Most of our boutique items are very unique and not easy to replace. 

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